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About Haven

Who We Are
Haven Christian Academy is a one-day-a-week, classical, Christian, homeschool tutorial in Brentwood, Tennessee. We meet for 28 weeks (K-6th) and 32 weeks (7th +) and have classes for students K-12th grade.

Our program is a 501(c)3 under Middle Tennessee Home Education Association and has been meeting as a community for 5 years.

Our Faith
We are explicitly Christian in our value system and we adhere to honoring the Judeo-Christian articulation of God in all of its operations. We believe that “The ultimate end of Classical Christian education is to enable the student (disciple) to better know, glorify, and enjoy God.” (Circe) To view the full Statement of Faith parents are required to sign, click here.

Our Model
We are a classically-based program, so we follow the developmental flow of the Trivium – Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logic – and prioritize teaching students how to learn and how to think. We honor the parents as the teachers, and Haven Christian Academy as a partner in the parents’ efforts. For more information about the classical model of education, click here & here.

We offer several programs at Haven, including:

  • Grammar I for K-6th grade
  • Grammar 2 for 3-6th grade
  • Afternoon Enrichment for 1-3rd grade
  • Dialectic for 7-8th grade
  • Rhetoric for 9th-12th grade

In Grammar 1 and Enrichment, we use Claritas curriculum as the spine of our weekly memory work and as the framework for our classroom studies and activities. For more information about the Claritas curriculum, click here.

Our Community
Haven Christian Academy believes that community is an effective way of creating a culture of learning and growth. We provide a place for children to learn through the classical approach and hands-on activities. Families are encouraged to attend the Morning Assembly and lunch/recess together.

Parent Partners
Parents are given a volunteer rotation schedule determined by the number of students they have in the program. Parents have some off-campus weeks when they drop their kids off but must remain on-call should they be needed. Parents also have on-campus weeks when they serve as volunteers during class time. Parents of K-6th grade students, whose children are staying for lunch/recess, must be present and are responsible for their children during this part of the day.  Students in 7th grade and up have one parent volunteer responsible during lunch on a rotation basis.

Community Day Format
Haven Christian Academy meets at a church on Franklin Road in Brentwood at 8:30am on Wednesdays. After morning classes, the entire community enjoys lunch and recess together for an hour from noon-1pm. Afternoon classes end at 3pm.